Last Questions – Day 5

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Blog about your experience here at Summer Tech Camp 2010. What did you enjoy the most? Why? What did you least enjoy? Why? How do you believe tech camp could be improved?

  1. Matthew Hoehn says:

    Summer tech camp was really fun. I liked making t-shirts, creating games with Scratch, and making new friends. The thing I liked best this year was Alice because you could make 3-D video games. I didn’t least enjoy anything. Tech camp shouldn’t change because it is already so fun.

  2. Lupe Williams says:

    I thought thata tech camp was really fun. I like makeing videos the best. I didn’t least like anything. I think that tech camp was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Danielle Marie Maag says:

    I enjoyed everything. This is my first year and I love it. I just can’t believe it’s over already. It was really fun. The music video was my favorite. I loved tech camp. Thank you Andrew for being a fly and for being my teacher!

  4. Lupe Williams says:

    I thought that tech camp was really fun. I like makeing videos the best. I didn’t least like anything. I think that tech camp was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Zachrey Tyler Hernandez says:

    Honstly everything was fun at Tech Camp and because of that I honestly coun’t tell you the least favorite but since I have to the least favorite was running.

  6. Allison Wurth says:

    Tech Camp was awesome this year! I enjoyed Alice the most because it was well… awesome! I can’t pick anything that wasn’t awesome : ) I think that the only way to improve tech camp would be to make it longer : )

  7. Morgan Place says:

    I love Tech camp! I loved everything we did. I don’t think that Enything was boring! I’m going to be so sad when the day is over because I dont get to be with everybody at camp and I don’t get to come back. :(. But it was the best week of Summer:)! Tech camp could be a little improved by taking a little more time explaining Alice. Thank you!

  8. Kylie Buss says:

    This year Summer Tech Camp was very fun. The thing that I enjoyed the most this year was making the music videos. I enjoyed making the video because i met a few more new people and it was really fun. There wasn’t really anything that I least enjoyed because everything was pretty fun. I think that Tech Camp should stay the same.

  9. Alexandria Heitmeyer says:

    This week was the best week that I have had so far this summer.i really liked making the movies and t-shirts and hanging out with the boys o and Abby. I didnt really like running but it was fun to watch Alex run with the boys with dress shoes on and beat them. Making the videos was fun because andrew was a fly with pretty blue wings. I wish i could come back next year because I will miss andrew alex abby shawn (sorry if spelled wrong) It will be kinda boring without this camp but ill live hope i see the boys in the summer and abby.

  10. Mitchell Kerner says:

    I liked tech camp a lot this week. I liked Alice the most. i liked everything and if i could i would come back next year!

  11. Xavier Aguirre says:

    I enjoyed making the music video the most. i enjoyed this because we got to use the flip cameras and go outside. Other than making a music video I enjoyed everything the same. They couldn’t do anything because tech camp is awesome.

  12. Spencer Vorst says:

    The best thing I learned at camp was making the t-shirts and doing scratch & alice. I liked all of it but the least favorite thing was had to listen to alot of talking. I don’t think they need to change anything, its fine and fun the way it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  13. Jacob Basinger says:

    2010 summer tech camp was awsome. I really enjoyed using Alice and Scratch, because I got to learn new things about video games. I didn’t really like making music videos, because I don’t really like being in videos. Do not make music videos next year. Let them have another day to use Alice and Scratch.

  14. jared mccullough says:

    Tech camp is awsome. I enjoyed making the 3-D games because I made a big carrier group with air planes. I least liked the part when we had to put our hands up.

  15. Ben Palte says:

    I thought tech camp was awesome! I most enjoyed alice and scratch, because I could create my own world and games. I least enjoyed the sprints in tech camp. I think it shouldn’t change, because it was a lot of FUN! I want to come back next year. Tech Camp was really cool!!

  16. Grant Weihrauch says:

    I most enjoyed Alice, because it was fun making a world. I least enjoyed gimp, because We went through everything too fast. I dont think you could improve because it was the best it could be.

  17. Travis Jeffery Niese says:

    I thought summer tech camp was really awesome. I thought making videos was the best it was fun making them and geting them put together because now i can make videos at home. I didnt least like anything. Everything i learned about was really cool and i made new friends.

  18. Grant Zeller says:

    I liked tech camp this year, my favorite part was working in Alice. It was the most fun part because it is fun to create movies and drive a car. I least enjoyed sprints. I didn’t like it that much because i’m already running 2 miles a day. I think tech camp can be improved if more people were able to join.

  19. Dakota Hashbarger says:

    Tech camp was fun. My favorite part was makeing the games. My least favorite part was the running outside. I don’t know how the camp can be improved.

  20. Adam Reindel says:

    I thought the funnest thing that we did was Alice. I thought it was fun because I could make 3D images. My least favorite thing was putting the videos together to make a music video. It took along time and it took up a lot of time. I dont think Tech camp can be inproved, its fun as is.

  21. Adam Rentz says:

    I thought tech camp was fun and the part I liked the most was the movies because I meet new people and had fun making a video with them. I dont think there is much I didnt like but Alice was a little hard even when it was explaind.

  22. Benjamen Burkhart says:

    I enjoyed Scratch the most because I made a 2-D movie about devil-guy and demon minions trying to rise to power and an old lady stops them with cheese puffs. The thing I enjoyed the least was hands up because I was usually in the middle of something and I new how to do it most of the time. Tech camp could be inproved by making Shawn watch the Star Wars movies so that he thinks my background was cooler.

  23. Austin Vorst says:

    The best thing about tech camp was making games in scratch and alice. I enjoyed that most because we got to and come up with whatever we wanted.The worst thing was doing sprints to “wake up”. I did not enjoy that because this is technology camp. Not cross country. If I wanted to run I would have stayed home. I don’t think tech camp needs to be improved. I think it is perfect the way it is.

  24. ChristianLaukhuf says:

    I like techcamp alot I want to come back to the advanced class next year! I enjoyed making the movie the most. It was fun to make alot of litle clips and put them together to make a really cool music video. I least enjoyed learning how to do google searches on books and stuff like that. Because I hate looking things like books up I like to search more interesting things like games/what new game systems that will come out like the ps4 that will come out in like a year. Instead of just programing things I think it would be nice if you had broken computers and tried to teach kids how to fix them.

  25. Jacob Ellerbrock says:

    I liked the whole program alot. I would like to come back next year. I liked the Alice program alot. I liked how you used 3-D models on the Alice program. I least enjoyed… the scratch program. The program is a nice program but I wished it was 3-D. I would like Tech Camp to show how to make a website.

  26. kody kuhlman says:

    my experience here at summer tech camp was awesome i had a lot of fun and learned alot of different things. i enjoyed making our movie the most because my group was funny and awesome to hang out with. i least enjoyed losing my pencil case because i didnt get it back. by doing other things to to make it more fun.

  27. Jared Baldridge says:

    I enjoyed Tech Camp. I liked making video games the most. I least liked making music videos. I think you can’t improve Tech Camp. It was really fun.

  28. Nicholas Kindle says:

    I enjoyed the Alice Animation program and makeing movies in movie maker. I least enjoyed the blog. I think tech camp could be improved by having to sit by who ever you want.

  29. clayton johnson says:

    I really liked tech camp it taught me about alot of things. I liked the t-shirts if we had more time i could picked a better picture but still nice either way. I enjoyed the 3-d game best. I wish that tech camp would have lasted longer (more days).

  30. Travis Foster Nienberg says:

    Tech Camp this year was amazing and so much fun. The thing that i enjoyed the most this year was shooting and making the music video :). I liked doing those because it was so much fun and it was awesome to work with my group. I liked everything so i don’t have a least favorite. I think tech camp shouldn’t change because everything was so fun.

  31. Colton Niese says:

    I enjoyed making movies and vidoe games the most at techcamp this week because I got to learn how to use Windows Movie Maker, Scratch, and Alice. I least enjoyed was the stecthing outside because I wasn’t expecting it. I believe that Techcamp can be improved by picking a different movie during lunch.

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