Tech Project 4 – Day 4

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Day 4

Search the internet using any of the search tools you have learned for an article about current trends in video game development. How could you apply these methods in the development of your Scratch game?

  1. Matthew Hoehn says:

    A new trend in video game development is motion. The Wii uses motion in its video game system . Right now there is more motion being used for other video game systems. The video game companies are also holding back video games to put new features on their games.

  2. Allison Wurth says:

    Gesture based video gaming is taking over. Almost all leading gaming companies have a file that does not contain controllers.

  3. Ben Palte says:

    Motion-sensing “active” games, which translate physical gestures into on-screen movement, first gained in popularity with the launch of Nintendo’s Wii video game system. However, Steinberg says that titles like Guitar Hero: Van Halen, The Beatles: Rock Band and Tony Hawk: Ride are merely the tip of the iceberg. “Sony’s new motion-sensing wand and, more importantly, Microsoft’s Project Natal, a 3D camera which eliminates controllers and gamepads entirely, point to a new, joystick-free future to come.”

  4. Adam Reindel says:

    Multiplayer can be good or it can be bad for a game. Some games like Uncharted Drakes fortune did just fine without a multiplayer setting. Some games shoudnt have a multiplayer seting like Bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 would be as good as the first game if it doesnt have a multiplayer setting.

  5. Alexandria Heitmeyer says:

    some current trends is the character animation because it will help us on how to make our people when we make our video game. Another is the character setup and rigging. It will help make the skeletons and help pose them.

  6. Spencer Vorst says:

    I read the they were coming out with a new design for cell phone games. Cell phone users are becoming more addicting to cell phone users. They are tryiing to make the games less addicting.

  7. ChristianLaukhuf says:

    sony is coming out with a ps4. I don’t know much about it because it has not came out yet. But I do hope that it is has a motion senser or motion camera like the new xbox 360.

  8. Mitchell Kerner says:

    A new development in gaming is motion sensors. These motion sensors could advertise new cars. The coustomers could look at the new cars from the game and drive the car and see how they like the car before they buy it!

  9. Adam Rentz says:

    A new video game trend is motion. The Wii has a motion sensor that can see you moving the remote. But the Xbox 360 has a new motion senser called Kinect. The difference is that on the xbox you are the controller so how ever you move your character moves the same way.

  10. Kylie Buss says:

    In the future there will be a lot of motion-sensed and 3D games created by many video game leading companies. Because of the motion sensors you will not need controls for the future games.

  11. Austin Vorst says:

    The newwest trends are independent games. Indepndent games are games made by idependent people and not big gaming companies. These games can not be bought in stores they can be downloaded onto a computer or a gaming console.

  12. Lupe Williams says:

    Most of the systems are being made for motion. Like the project natal that is an add on to the 360. The add on its kinda like the ps3 eye but the differents are the project natal you are the controller. The ps3 is also coming out with a new thing and its kinda like the wii but it has better grapics.

  13. Grant Jerry Zeller says:

    I found that more companys are following the wii and making games that you are interactive and take part in. Some of the new games they are coming out with are even in 3-D. It would be cool if my game could be 3-D and you could interact in it.

  14. A new trend in video games is having motion controllers. This is good because you can put remote up so people can’t step on it if you take a break. You won’t have as much work putting it together either. One down side is the fact that you would have to change the remote’s batteries. If it is wired, you wouldn’t need any batteries.

  15. Colton Niese says:

    Sony has a 3D version of Wipeout HD for PS3. The game has neon tracks. To make this game 3D animmation was used.

  16. Benjamen Burkhart says:

    I searched google for video game development and I found Flashpoint Academy Media Arts they use a hole bunch of 3-D objects and creative views. They use Flashpoint and create cool games.

  17. Morgan Place says:

    One trend for video games is games or apps. Apps are aplications that you can download on your iphone or ipod or ipad touch. I have a ipod and I have a least 7 games so far. Some apps are free but some can cost 99 dollars! Thats a lot to pay for one game! :p ps. it has to be touch screen.

  18. Travis Jeffery Niese says:

    Halo Reach was made by bungie net and mirosoft the graphics are better than the Halo 3.

  19. Zachrey Tyler Hernandez says:

    Halo Reach was created by Bungie And Microsoft. Bungie and Microsoft have been teamed up for many years and because of it they have came out with more graphic designs! I am waiting for halo Reach to come out……YEAH!

  20. Xavier Aguirre says:

    Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a new video game. The game will use wild power ups. When you are Mario you will be able to do double or even triple jumps. You will also be able to do somersaults, wall jumps and ground pounds.

  21. kody kuhlman says:

    they are coming out with new and efficient ways to put platforms for multipurpose home entertainment such as the music movie and DVR and i could use this to put this in my game to make the cool music and the other things. To develope this they used streamed digital content.

  22. Jacob Basinger says:

    There is a trend that is motion. Even though it had come out a long while ago they are still perfecting it. Unlike the Wii where you have to have controllers the new xbox 360 has cameras that will let you become the controller.

  23. clayton johnson says:

    Motion is probly the best trend it is out for wii (it is made by nintendo and pretty much started this trend), x-box (720?), and ps3. I would love to use it in my game but at this point in time i’m not sure how i would use it.

  24. Grant Weihrauch says:

    A new trend is control for the ps3. You can stand up and move around, like the Wii.

  25. Travis Jeffery Niese says:

    Halo Reach was made by bungie net and mirosoft the graphics are better than the Halo 3. Bungie also has a weekly update.

  26. jared mccullough says:

    They are trending the develiment of people when they talk so that there mouth moves when the word comes out. That way the game sence look more real. The game is Call Of Duty Black Ops. It come out in November on the 9th. This game will be better graphics than any of them. The gun detail along with uniforms, planes, helis, tanks, big bags, truck, sheep, and people in the game. They might add natal. It is also has sixaxis it is like you are driving the car or plane.

  27. Jared Baldridge says:

    Microsoft is coming out with a new Xbox 720 in 2015. It was going to come out in 2010 but will take 5 more years because they want to build in Microsoft Kinect. Basically It has more ram and memory and it has Microsoft Kinect which makes it have no controllers.

  28. Travis Foster Nienberg says:

    A new video game design is Project Natal by Xbox. Natal is controler free. The real name for it is Kinect for x box. They use your motion and your voice. The xbox notices you. The design is differnt than all of the other xboxs.

  29. Nicholas Kindle says:

    A new trend is the 3DS. It is 3D but you dont have to were 3D glasses. I dont know how they are going to make it looks cool

  30. Jacob Ellerbrock says:

    I searched Google and found Project Natal. Project Natal uses NO remotes/controller. Project Natal also recognizes your voice. I would like to use this in my video game so people can stay active.

  31. Dakota Hashbarger says:

    The trend I found is Digital distribution. It has access to the internet, netflix, and gameap.

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