Tech Project 2 – Day 2

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Day 2

Search Google to find an article about a new trend in Video Production. Blog about your thoughts and how you could use this technique in your video.

  1. Allison Wurth says:

    I read an article about a new trend in video gaming- 3D. Nintendo is making a new DS that has a 3D screen without the glasses. And there are rumors of new iphone gaming apps that are being converted into 3D. I feel that using 3D helps you get into it more. You could use 3D in your video to make it look real.

  2. jared mccullough says:

    The graphics of the movie like in the horror/action have editing to the characters so they look real. They make the monsters seem so real with slime and drool but it is all editing. The backround is editing sometimes to.

  3. Jacob Ellerbrock says:

    I was on Google and found this new 3D DS. This is a DS that has a 3D screen without the hassle of 3D glasses. I think using this technology for our video would be very cool because using this new DS makes it feel that you are where the scene is taking placce.

  4. Matthew Hoehn says:

    The new iPhone 4 is really cool because there are external batteries that come in ten different hues.The external batteries can deliver up to five hours of extra power.The lithium ion batteries can charge almost anything that is a USB powered device.This new phone can help us in many ways.

  5. Jacob Basinger says:

    Video producers are using green screens to add effects to movies that were impossible to do before. They could make animations look like they are living creatures. It is very cool.

  6. Zachrey Tyler Hernandez says:

    I have heard that they are coming out with a new IPod tablet or something like that. The pad alows you to use maps search the web and more in the touch of your finger!

  7. Kylie Buss says:

    I read an article on about camera creators that have tried since the 1980’s and 1990’s to create a camera that captures both motion picture and still pictures they have accomplished it in 2008

  8. kody kuhlman says:

    Lots of video creation companies are making place creation, circumstance videotaping , assemblage ditital editing, marketing commerce videos, sports production, and ritual and tidings videography. It’s common for videos to be utilized by an advocator or honour.

  9. Colton Niese says:

    Lately some movie makers have been try ing to make movies in 3-D. one movie I can name for sure that is availible in 3-D and 2-D is Spy Kids 3: Game Over. I kind of like 3-D movies, but I don’t like having to wear the glasses. I think I’ll stick to 2-D unless they make better glasses.

  10. Spencer Vorst says:

    I read that these people are going to make portable digital media will edge out the TV remote control or the DVD disc.

  11. Grant Jerry Zeller says:

    I found that the new Nikon Coolpix Touch is a tiny camera with a touch screen. With this you can swipe your finger across the screen and search through all of your images. To take a picture you have to touch the screen. I think this would be cool to have.

  12. ChristianLaukhuf says:

    I looked up new music video trends to make videos. And I don’t like it! I can’t listen to much music without hearing a bunch of cuss words. If my mom and dad catch me listning to that they will punish me. which they won’t because i don’t listen to that stuff. But as I said before I don’t like that stuff.

  13. Ben Palte says:

    I found on google that HD content creation is gaining ground worldwide. Europe, Asia, and many other geographies have embraced HD and are actively driving its adoption and promoting the benefits. Local broadcast stations and movie studios are increasingly upgrading their facilities to enable HD recording and broadcast. The Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers (SMPTE) passed several standards in 2006 that enabled cost-effective recording and production of full HD content in the 1080p format. As 1080p can further fuel the demand for HD content, broadcast stations and studios are scrambling to upgrade their facilities to take advantage of the higher quality video experience that is now possible.

  14. Grant Weihrauch says:

    3D movies are becoming more popular which is inspiring new 3D T.V’s. 3D movies and graphics are getting better and better each year. It is awesome to watch 3D movies like Avatar.

  15. Adam Rentz says:

    When I was on I found a website called “”. This website tells you about new technology they are coming out with. When I was there I found a Coffee table. This is no coffee table though. This coffee is called a “surface computer”. you can add photos from your camera to your phone just by placing both on the table.

  16. kody kuhlman says:

    this technique could be used in our music video by making the place creations realisitin the video.

  17. Austin Vorst says:

    The newwest film making trends are makking movies in 3D. Most of the movies so far in 2010 have been made in 3D. For exsample Toy Story 3, The Last Airbender , and How to Train Your Dragon. 3D movies are getting more popular every day.

  18. Alexandria Heitmeyer says:

    In China new media production is always increasing. They have new things like inexpensive video recorders, web cams and more software. The most common form of new media production in China is e’gao, a combination of the words “evil” and “to make fun of”. In China, e’gao is closely linked to tech-savvy, digital youth and has become hugely popular

  19. Benjamen Burkhart says:

    The Sony Nex-5 has features such as – HD video capable APS-C sensors in small bodies. What might take you by surprise is just how small the bodies are – the Sony Nex-5 is smaller than other cameras such as the Nex-3. It is programed to give suggestions to get better pictures, such as how to hold it, and out-of-focus background.

  20. Adam Reindel says:

    One of the new trends in video production is the greenscreen. The greenscreen allows people to see things in movies you cant see in real life. I like many movies that use a green screen. The greenscreen allows actors to be in one place without being there.

  21. Nicholas Kindle says:

    A new trend in video production is the green screen. I think green screens would help videos look more professional and it would be easier to make it look professional. now videos can take place in more places like the moon and in space.

  22. Travis Jeffery Niese says:

    Green screens are used to show weather. They can be blue or green and they work by showing the person and then the backround of the green screen is the animation of ur video.

  23. Morgan Place says:

    Augmented reality is changing the way we see the world. They can pull graphics out of your TV. You can have a phone on your hand. Look at the picture on the website.:p

  24. Dakota Hashbarger says:
    I found a new 3dDS. It is slimming in size and is in 3d, the knob is for refocusing the 3d. The control remain the same with the DS and the DS 3D.

  25. Xavier Aguirre says:

    A new trend in video production is 3D movies also known as sterioscopic photography. People are becoming more interested in movies because of the 3D films such as Toy Story 3, Avatar, Chicken Little, Polar Express, and Alice in Wonderland. That is a new trend in video production. There are a lot more 3D movies to come.

  26. clayton johnson says:

    The best trends i know of are green screens (adding background and cool stuff), 3-d(makes stuff look more real), and sadly people usually like things with guns and blood wich we probly wouldn’t do.

  27. Travis Foster Nienberg says:

    A new trend i read about is the mobile tv. Mobile TV can be sent by wireless and broadband networks. You can get mobile tv from companies like MobiTV,Verizion, and A T&T. It has good features that makes it more flexible. They did this because the mobile and media devices are growing quickly. You can also get them on your cell phone.

  28. Mitchell Kerner says:

    i found this article about chromakey with green screen and blue screen. i learned that chomakey means that u key out the green or blue and add another picture in the space.

  29. Danielle Marie Maag says:

    I think HD in media production is a good thing. You can see what is happening in more detail. So yes it is a very good thing they use HD. HD also lets older people with vision that is not as good.

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